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Local Business Directory

Our Business Directory provides information pertaining to businesses within the Town's of York Harbour and Lark Harbour. 

If you would like to make changes to your listing or have your business included in this directory please contact

your respective Town Council.

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Canada Post Lark Harbour

Town Hall Road

York Harbour, NL
(709) 681-2080

Canada Post York Harbour
136 Main Road, Town Hall
York Harbour, NL

(709) 681-2795






Captain Cook's Galley
May-September Open Daily

135 Little Port Rd

Lark Harbour, NL
(709) 681-2777

Candlelite Bay Inn

York Harbour, NL

(709) 681-2853





Blow-Me-Down Provincial Park
Route 450 Lark Harbour, NL

Toll Free 1 (877) 214 2267

(709) 681-2430


Byrne's Store
189-191 Main Rd

York Harbour, NL
(709) 681-2040


Drop In Lounge
23 Main Road

Lark Harbour, NL
(709) 681-2103


Blow Me Down Retirement Centre
195a Main St.

Lark Harbour, NL
(709) 681-2288

Website: www.blowmedownretirement.ca

E-mail: info@blowmedownretirement.ca



Lark Harbour House

46 Main Street

Lark Harbour, NL

(709) 638-0587



Lark Harbour Town Council
Town Hall Rd

Lark Harbour, NL
Phone: (709) 681-2270

Fax: (709) 681-2900


Lark Harbour Taxi - Jay Barry

118 Main Road, Box 226

Lark Harbour, NL.

(709) 681-2449

Marlaine's Tide Watcher's Café

Lark Harbour, NL

May-September Open Daily until 5 p.m.

(709) 681-2140



Outer Bay of Islands Enhancement


(709) 681-2214



SF Enterprises
Little Port, NL
Dwayne Sheppard (709) 681-2296

Perry Sheppard (709) 681-2812


Sheppard's Cloverfarm
166 Main Road

Lark Harbour, NL
(709) 681- 2160


The Roost
129 Main Rd

P.O. Box 47

York Harbour, NL A0L 1L0
Email: janisevans@bellaliant.net

Website: www.theroostatyorkharbour.com




York Harbour Town Council
137 Main Rd

York Harbour, NL
Phone: (709) 681-2280

Fax: (709) 681-2799


ZR Enterprises
York/Lark Harbour, NL
Roger Sheppard

(709) 681-2833



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