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Hollywood Visits Lark Harbour - The 2006 science fiction movie "OUTLANDER" starring Jim Caviezel filmed it's opening and closing scenes in Little Port, NL.  The ship used in the filming was deployed at Little Port, and later burned for a scene - the remains of the Viking ship are still on display in the community next to the Town Hall in Lark Harbour, Newfoundland.

St. James Anglican Church - The first Church was erected in Lark Harbour around 1908, when the Reverend H. Petley was rector. This original church stood on the edge of the cemetery until 1962, when the present St. James Church was first used.

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Blow-Me-Down Mountains - The Blow Me Down Mountain range, which rises abruptly from sea level to an elevation of 650 metres  and according to legend, inherited it's name from Captain Messervey who anchored his boat below this mountain range and said "I hope they don't blow-me-down"!

York Harbour Copper Mine - Daniel Henderson discovered copper deposits in 1893 and in 1897 production began.  Mine was closed by 1911. 

Southhead Lighthouse - In 1925 the lighthouse station was built at Southhead marking the southern entrance to the Bay of Islands.  In 1973, a vicious storm in the Bay of Islands sent waves crashing over the 120ft cliff leaving the Southhead Lighthouse tower covered in four to five feet of ice.


Blow-Me-Downer - The Blow-Me-Downer is a monthly printed newsletter about the people and events in the towns of Lark Harbour and York Harbour in the Outer Bay of Islands, Newfoundland, Canada.  It is distributed locally to every home in our two towns and it is now also distributed free by email to about 70 subscribers in several countries.

St. James All Grade - St. James All Grade School in Lark Harbour opened its doors in September 1968.  At that time it replaced two small schools located in Bottle Cove and Lark Harbour. By 1970, all students from a small school in York Harbour had transferred to St. James All Grade School as well.


50 Plus Club - The Town's of York Harbour and Lark Harbour has a 50 Plus Club where members from both communities gather throughout the year and participate in various activities such as card games, Christmas parties etc.  For more information or if you would like to join the club contact Marina Park at 681-2674.



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